Xtreme Xtras

Xtreme Xtras will bring Australians a diverse range of technically innovative products and clothing from around the world. Ranging from protective bike fashion to the latest in refrigerated, solar and diesel technologies, our products will suit residential and rural applications.

Once products have met Xtreme’s Xacting standards, only then shall they be placed in the public eye for Xtreme Xamination.

Should you have seen or heard of the most unreal Xtreme Product and don’t now where or how to find it, then contact us with the details and we shall see if Xtreme Xtras can locate it for you.

Until then, keep an eye on the future!

Xtreme Safety Advice

Air Cleaner
Tyre condition
Brake condition
Exhaust System
Throttle control
Engine Lubricants
Engine Stop Switch
Chassis nuts and bolts

Protective Apparel

Slip slop slap
Body protection
Approved Helmet
Protective foot wear
Protective Eye Wear

Safety Tips

Use Pole Flags
Wear Bright Clothing
Read the owners manual
Refuelling by adults only
Supervise children at all times
Only run engine in well ventilated area
Beware Engine and muffler become very hot
Leave adequate breaking distance between riders

Xtreme Moto Service Recommendations 

To help protect your investment for future work and play and help maintain the safety aspects of your Xtreme Moto, we recommend your first service is completed 1 month from the original purchase date from any authorised dealer or reputable motorbike shop.

Service intervals should be reflective of the use and riding frequency of your bike.

To help protect your warranty, we advise that all bikes need to be run in from the original date of purchase, which is approximately 3 tank fills.

During the running in process, excessive acceleration and heavy braking should be avoided.
Over abuse within this time frame can seriously affect the performance, reliability and warranty of your bike.


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