Loncin 200F

Loncin 200F

Our new state of the art Loncin  200F is a quality agricultural “4 wheeler” built on a heritage you have learnt to rely on. With heaps of 4 stroke grunt and an easy use CVT transmission designed for a rural life style. Incorporating all round (adjustable rear) hydraulic suspension, with a massive 255mm of ground clearance it will effortlessly handle the roughest terrain. The sturdy steel-tube chassis with integrated heavy duty tow hitch makes it capable of towing large loads effortlessly.

The 200F’s large hydraulic front disc brakes provide the stopping power you need when you’re carrying the Xtra load.

The CVT automatic transmission allows it to handle with total control whether up or down hill!

Whether youre towing the spray gear through the vines or hauling the gates around the arena, the Loncin 200F is up to the task. With additional features such as powerful headlamps for accurate illumination and a digital instrumentation panel you’re on call 24/7!

An optional Winch is also available for the serious adventurer!
The large cargo racks can accommodate the most cumbersome of loads from bales of hay to large eskies and fishing rods.

If you’re afterXtreme Quality, Xtreme Reliability and an awesome state of the art powerful4 stroke engine also used ‘by’ a leadingJapanese ATV Manufacturerand serviceable at any reputable motorbike shop,then the Loncin 200F is for you!.

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Dealers Licence Number 18689

Product specifications
Model Type Loncin 200F
MaxpPower KW/RPM 12.1hp (9.0kw) / 8000rpm
Overall Length 1890mm
Overall Width 1050mm
Overall Height 1120mm
Fuel Tank 12ltr
Tyres Front AT22 x 7 - 10
Tyres Rear AT22 x 10 - 10
Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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