Xtreme Imports - WA owned and operated.

Xtreme Imports WA Pty Ltd is a WHOLESALE BUSINESS with the largest WA dealer network  established to help bring Australians some of the safest, most technically advanced Motorcycle products from around the world, for the Outgoing Adventurer, Commuter, Weekend Rider to the Rural Producer, boasting the latest in world design trends and Australian ingenuity at Xtremely Affordable Prices!

Xtreme's board of directors have combined their expertise in manufacturing, engineering and importing to harness the strengths of some of the world’s largest and most modern Motorcycle, Engineering and Accessories Factories now in Asia, Korea and Taiwan.

Our range of products use many components and design features from Australia, Japan, America and Europe whilst boasting technology and engines that are used by some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Xtreme's Guarantee of Quality, Reliability, Value for money and Unparalleled locally supported after Sales Service network can only be brought to you because all our products are built to Xtreme's Exacting Standards. This means that your product will always be performing when needed most, including improved safety through the use of universal testing systems and testing platforms.

Xtreme's growing dealer network has the spare parts and warranty back up right here in Australia which means Xtreme peace of mind! Don't worry if you live in a remote location or have trouble locating a convenient dealer, just call us on 08 9471 9788 or email us at info@xtremeimports.com.au and let us create the convenience for you.

Don't buy a cheap, inferior quality product that lacks after sales service and spare parts backup. You can afford Xtreme's quality, with value for money guarantee and unparalleled local spare parts and warranty support. Come and enjoy the excitement and thrill of Xtreme Performance giving you Xtreme Satisfaction, you won’t be disappointed.

Dealer Licence 18689


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